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About Ecoballot

Ecoballot is a different kind of company.

Our mission at Ecoballot is to help schools reduce their impact on the environment. For many schools, the easiest way to start is to reduce paper usage. We've analyzed the wasted paper of different schools and found that a significant source of wasted paper is election ballots. Voting on paper wastes time, effort, energy, and paper; and yet many schools continue to vote with paper ballots because they have no other choice.

We developed the Ecoballot online voting software to give schools a choice. Our primary motive isn't financial. We don't have investors to answer to, or corporate loans to repay. We want to make the world a better place; and the money we make from our election services helps us support our other educational technology initiatives.

Since launching Ecoballot in 2011, we have grown to include more than just schools as clients. We are now helping provide paperless web-based elections to city governments, trade associations, non-profit organizations, conference organizers, homeowner’s associations, and more.

We are confident that over the next several years, the services that we release will help all voters - whether at schools or elsewhere - reduce the environmental impact of their elections.

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