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Frequently-Asked Questions

FAQs List :

  • What if I'm a club, a community organization, or some other non-school entity?

    That's OK! Although Ecoballot was originally designed for schools to use, there are plenty of other organizations who need to conduct votes for various purposes. We're not just limited to schools.

  • We have a requirement to destroy all voter records a month after the election. Can you handle that?

    Sure - we back up the information that's stored on our servers, so that you don't lose important data. But when you purge the results after your election, they are purged for good.

  • Our school policy says that all votes have to be strictly anonymous and confidential. How can we count the votes electronically and still make them anonymous?

    When you set up your election, choose the two-key results for your confidential election. The election administrator uploads a list of voters, but no single individual has the ability to see how a particular person voted. See the two-person vote authentication page for more details about how that works. It sounds like exactly what you need!

  • My school only uses paper purchase orders, can we still sign up?

    We are happy to take purchase orders, paper checks and wire transfers, but the fast automatic sign-up part of our website only accept credit cards. Send an email to and we'll work with your business office.

  • How do you pronounce "Ecoballot?"

    Some people say it like "Echo Ballot." Some say it like "Eek-o-ballot." Just say it the same way you'd say the "eco" from ecological or ecosystem.

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